Fun And Motivation With FD’s Flickr Tools

Years ago I came up with an idea for a writing prompt that I felt was pretty “schema neutral“-  all kids would have experience enough to be able to write a story about this prompt. I call it “A Day As Your Shoes.” Several years ago Corbett Harrison, who among other things had the concept for and started the Writing Fix web site and still maintains it, put my prompt on the site. He made it an interactive prompt to mimic how I have students brainstorm their ideas. Since all students have experience with shoes (at least in this country) and going to school – they will all be able to bring schema for this story.

This year to add to the motivation and creativity I had the students make the covers for their stories by taking pictures of their shoes and using Fd’s Flickr Tools – Magazine Cover to design their bookcover. We took pictures with a digital camera and downloaded into iPhoto on their laptops. Each student designed several covers so they could build at least some expertise with the software before putting together their final product pictured below.


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5 thoughts on “Fun And Motivation With FD’s Flickr Tools

  1. I love this idea! I used to do a similar writing assignment but the students would trace their shoes. That was prior to me using Flickr and now I can’t wait to try this out next year! Thanks for the idea. Let your students know that their magazine covers are really good.

  2. This is very cool! I do a digital photography unit with my 8th grade computer class and I’m thinking about developing it as a digital story. I’ll have the kids take a picture of their shoes in each place they are in a day and then annotate it with comments about where they are, why they are there, what they are doing, how they are feeling, etc.

  3. Not only do you have one of the best blog names in the blogosphere, but there is always something special and creative coming out of your classroom. I have been following Learning Is Meessy for some time now. I think your A Day As Your Shoes project was fantastic. I will be sharing it with my high school students as well as the link to f.d’s flickr toys.

    H. Songhai

  4. I think that your idea with the life in a shoe is a great way to get your students involed. Theres a study that when you make learning fun for people that they will remember it in the long run.
    good job