The Tightwad Tech – The Interview

A few weeks ago, after many attempts trying to find a time we could all make, Mark and Shawn at The Tightwad Tech managed to coral Lisa Parisi and myself across timezones long enough to interview us about how we utilize a changed pedagogy utilizing tech (usually for free – hence the “tightwad” connection). Here is a link to the podcast. We had a great time. Give it a listen … and Thanks to Mark and Shawn for inviting us!

Learning is messy!

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One thought on “The Tightwad Tech – The Interview

  1. Hi Brian,

    I started graduate school about 8 months ago. I’m specializing in integrating technology in the classroom. Your blog was one of the first ones I stumbled across and have really enjoyed! I love your up front attitude about everything in education and really admire all that you’ve been able to accomplish using technology with your students.

    I listened to most of your podcast (sorry, I was multi-tasking) and wanted to share another communication tool with you. I am sure your students are great at commenting now, so this tool might be perfect for them. It’s called Voice Thread and it offers people a chance to comment using visual, audio, or text. Have you heard of it? I’ve only used it once, but I immediately thought of your class. I don’t think it is free, but you get a few free trial posts, so you can try it out and see what you think (unless of course Voice Thread is nothing new to you).

    Thanks for your time and thanks for your blogs!