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Mars Creatures Hi-Res
Mars Creatures
Geology Videos - Designed, produced, and acted by 6th graders at Agnes Risley School in 2001. This was our first attempt at using digital video in a classroom setting. Students in cooperative groups rubriced various science videos (i.e. Bill Nye the Science Guy) then researched, wrote, storyboarded, rehearsed, built sets/backgrounds, collected props and specimens and produced each video.


What Forms A Rock?

Igneous Rocks
Sedimentary Rocks
Metamorphic Rocks









Stickleback Fish Fossils (low resolution) ----------- Stickleback (high resolution)

This video was produced between the fall of 2005 and spring of 2006 by sixth graders at Agnes Risley School. 90 students travelled to Hazen, Nevada, to dig for fossils that are 9 to 15 million years old.