Good News All Around

Celest was back today after an almost six week absence. She rang our Skype bell just as students were entering at nine and except for recess and lunchtime – and a short break to take a blood draw, she was with us all day. She got a chance to read the 28 comments left for her by her classmates, and many of you, on her blog (she read non-stop for over twenty minutes – she really enjoyed them – thanks). Mainly for her benefit we spent a little time brainstorming topics for future blog posts, she even started one.

Next, we got her started on our animal wiki pages project, a tie-in to the field trip we went on 2 weeks ago – she’s never been there : ( . We also did some multiplication facts practice and explored angles online. All-in-all a good day.

About 10:30 though Celest dropped a bombshell on us when she explained that she has been told that she will be able to attend “regular school” next year!!!! – we’re not sure where yet – maybe here, her area has been moved to another school’s attendance zone … so we’ll see.

There was one scary part of the day though – not long after Celest came on I noted a mark on her cheek about the size of a half-dollar. It was brownish-red and seemed like a sore. My vice-principal came through not much later and noticed it right away … we gave each other sad looks … and she left. All was well though … when Celest turned her head a few minutes later the “sore” turned out to be a press-on decal of a cat with a red bow. Whew! She let me take a picture of it –


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2 thoughts on “Good News All Around

  1. It is wonderful to hear that Celeste is back in class. We have been wondering how she is doing and are so pleased that you have all been reunited. Our very best wishes to Celeste from room18tis in New Zealand. Skype rocks!