Test From Flock – Or I Better Not Get Caught Using Word to Write My Blog Again!!!

OK – I was made fun of (just a little) by several inhabitants of the Bloggers Cafe right after David Warlick sat next to me, saw that I was authoring a blog post, noticed I was using Word and said, “You use Word to write your blog!???” which brought much jovial kidding (I think it was jovial). Jeff Utecht and Mark Wagner showed me a few options (the whole time chuckling). So, here I am trying this new version of Flock even though I’ve heard both good and bad about it.

By the way not long after it was noticed that I use Word, someone saw that I wasn’t using RSS (I am now) – I must say that I did my part providing comic relief (even though none was needed) to my fellow bloggers. OK, time to see how this works. Did I mention I heard about this through my Twitter feed?

Learning is messy and sometimes embarrassing.

Blogged with Flock

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7 thoughts on “Test From Flock – Or I Better Not Get Caught Using Word to Write My Blog Again!!!

  1. OK, so you ‘blogged with Flock’. One of the quirks must be that it double posts. I got a posting time stamped 12:00 a.m. and another time stamped 12:23 a.m.

  2. Nancy – Don’t think that was a Flock issue – as I posted the post my internet went down – when it came back up I posted again without realizing it had already posted. I just hope it wasn’t Flock that made my connection go down – guess I’ll find out.

  3. Goodness what a time you’ve had!
    Yes, very embarrassing, but at least you’ve picked up a few cool new skills. It is sometimes times like these that motivate us to upskill.

    Cheers, Rachel

    PS – at least you’ve got the “proof” through Flock that you’re not blogging using Word anymore!!

  4. Congratulations, my friend. I used Flock a while back be went back to FireFox and Deepest Sender plugin. It integrates a blog editor right into the browser, much like Flock. I just find it helpful to have the blog editor integrated into the browser. But there are a thousand ways to do this, and at least three of them involve Microsoft Word 😉

    It was a honor to meet you!

    — dave —

  5. We need to remember most of the world is not there yet. They use Word. They pay for Word. They get excited about the latest version.
    My professor requires me to upload written assignments in Word.
    My friend believes her university HAS to pay to upgrade to the latest version and there is nothing else.
    Oi veh! We are enlightened.

  6. Brian, I love flock and have used it for on the fly blogging especially at conferences.
    It is pretty sweet. Have enjoyed reading about your historical travels this summer.