Thanks For Your Input!

Some great responses to my question about whether or not I should have teachers in my tech-writing-field trip class sign-up for a blog or not. Thanks to all!

I’ve taught this class several times and I have always just talked about blogs, had them watch Will’s video about blogging, visited all kinds of blogs and had them leave comments on student blogs. But I think this time I will have them sign-up and make a quick post. I added to my presentation wiki because of your responses, so thanks again. BTW – next week one of my topics is Skype.

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3 thoughts on “Thanks For Your Input!

  1. I have a question or maybe it’s more of a complaint! I believe strongly in the instructional capacities of web 2.0 tools such as blogging, wikis and skype. However, most if not all school districts in my region completely block these types of web 2.0 activities. I find this very disheartening and frustrating. Have others run into this? Any potential compromise to this issue on the horizon?

  2. Daniel, email your technology coordinator. They usually seem pretty understanding and if you give them good enough reasons you can get things changed. The issue runs from district to district, so the compromises will happen locally. The tech department doesn’t know what you want to do in your classroom unless you let them know.

  3. Daniel – Yes, offer to meet with them and show them examples of what teachers and students are doing – maybe what you have done and/or would like to do.