These Guys Get It!

Will Richardson posted today about his experience at SLA this week – it ties in with David Warlick’s post from yesterday about what he heard about teachers in China teaching less and planning more. From Will’s blog:

It was the last day of an 8-day intensive planning session, and they were probably more tuned into the “closing ceremonies” to be held at a neighborhood restaurant in the afternoon than on listening to me, but I was extremely impressed by their attention, their questions and their thinking. And their thinking was all over the place…on a Moodle site where they have been capturing all of their work, on newsprint post-its all over the walls of the planning room, in their conversation. I sat there just envious as all get out that Chris had this opportunity to really build “School 2.0,” and I said as much to all of them.

Did you catch that? An 8 day planning session!? Were the teachers paid for their time? What a concept!  And they still have six weeks before school starts to digest the conversation and continue to plan. Doesn’t that cost more money? We can’t be spending more on education, we already get more than we need – we just need to spend it more wisely – less administration and cheaper toilet paper and paper towels (please note this is sarcasm on my part in case you missed it).

Is Chris Lehmann planning to provide planning days during the school year too? That would almost make me consider teaching secondary school and moving to Philadelphia! I can’t wait to see what Dave finds out about the planning time in China! These guys are doing it right. I’ve been asking where the great examples of whole schools doing project/problem-based learning supported by tech integration are … it sounds like this is really one to watch … but no pressure Chris!   ; )

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One thought on “These Guys Get It!

  1. Yep — it was paid. Yep — we will have between 90 minutes and 2 hours of common planning time every Wednesday afternoon when the kids go to The Franklin Institute. And hey, it wouldn’t be any fun if there wasn’t any pressure. 🙂