It’s Just One Of Those Busy Times

This is one of those … “I know I haven’t been blogging much…” posts. Well I haven’t,  but you may have picked up here and there that I have been unusually busy. If you’re a classroom teacher you know how it can be.

Today a number of my students were informed they would no longer be in my classroom … it was tough … tomorrow may be tougher. I thought about keeping everyone (not that it is really my choice), but I had 7 more students than I was supposed to, and it showed. Our classroom is just full of bodies. On the one hand because my students this year are a great group (14 from last years class) you feel like what the heck I’ll just keep them. But, is that really what is best for all involved? When 2 or 3 or 4 or more students show up later … all of a sudden it’s not such a great idea. The other upshot was it gave me more students than I have laptops for 1:1,  so it was agreed it was a good thing. Tomorrow is our last day with everyone there, and we just so happen to be doing a video-Skype session with Lee Baber’s kids out in Virginia. We will both record, so it should be available as a podcast and maybe a vidcast later.

Next week I’m off to a conference about kids in poverty and how to understand their situation and help them, then I am back and having a film crew from New York come in to archive some of the things we are doing – I’ll fill you in later. In the meantime I’m getting ready for a sub and trying to make a video “Keynote” for the K12 Online Conference that at least won’t be embarrassing, and maybe will be helpful to some … we’ll see. I also have a 1 unit tech class for teachers coming up that always keeps me busy … oh and then there’s my family … : ). Once I have the keynote done that will take a lot off my plate and my mind (I love doing it, but I have to work at not letting it take over), so then I should be back to posting more often here and hopefully over at In Practice which all involved agree was tough to start up at the start of the school year, but we did it!

Learning Is Messy!

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2 thoughts on “It’s Just One Of Those Busy Times

  1. That is a bad deal that you have to kick kids out of your class to maintain the 1:1 ratio. Is there no way your school can get more computers.