Shaken Not Stirred

Seismograph – University of Nevada, Reno, 11:45PM last night

Reported to be a 5.0 quake


UPDATE: Quake now said to have been 4.7 … cracked some house walls in northwest Reno, busted some sprinkler pipes, busted the flume used to bring lumber down to Reno from Lake Tahoe in the 1800’s … now used to bring water to the Chalk Bluff Water Treatment plant.

We’ve had numerous earthquakes in the Reno, Nevada, area this week. Mainly a cluster of them in the northeastern part of town. Most of course are 2.0 on the Richter Scale or less, which means few even feel them, to some in the 4.0 range which are good jolts. Right after watching the local news coverage about them last night the strongest one yet hit at 11:40PM – a 5.0. Shook for 3 to 5 seconds at our house and you could hear windows rattle some. Haven’t heard yet whether there was any damage anywhere … wouldn’t be surprised to see stores with stuff spilled on the floor from shelves though.

My wife and I lived in the San Francisco area during the 1989 quake during the World Series between the Giants and A’s. I was in the East Bay and got shaken really well, but my wife was on the 38th floor of an office building in downtown San Francisco. Power went out. No elevators. Had to walk down 38 flights of stairs. The engineers later told them the building tipped 6 feet in each direction during the quake, which is what they are designed to do to absorb the movement.

Earthquakes are messy!

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2 thoughts on “Shaken Not Stirred

  1. Hard to believe you were the very first person I thought of from my network when I heard about the quakes. Glad you have taken the time to rest assure us that all is okay.

  2. I live in Peoria Illinois. Last week we experienced an earthquake along the fault line in Southern Illinois. Personally I slept through the whole deal but one funny thought is our school chaplain was unable to sleep that night and was up praying when the earth shook. He honestly thought he was going crazy until he came to school in the morning and heard the kids talking about the quake. I laughed my ass off.