Any Input?

Will Richardson is asking for input on what to share with US Senators when he conference calls with them about the America COMPETES Act. Read about it over at his blog. Here was my response:

Ask how we are going to compete in a global 21st century economy if ALL our kids and teachers don’t have access to and knowledge of global 21st century tools – NOW. Mention that they should be worried about what happens when China loosens up on access for their citizens and they learn to speak English. Therefore we should take advantage of our freedoms, since China can’t, and use this time to teach our students and citizenry how to use these 21st century tools of learning and doing while we can (I seem to remember about them having more GT students than we have students). We should invest in our future because China, India, et al – are investing in theirs.

(you might mention to Senator Stevens that the internet isn’t a series of tubes – he’ll appreciate it later – nah, never mind that part).

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