Christa McAuliffe’s Mom, Grace Corrigan Visiting My Classroom Friday!!!

Update Friday Afternoon: We did make it work and it was great! (Thanks Lee!!) Picture(s) and more in awhile.

Friday morning Grace Corrigan, Christa McAuliffe’s mom (Teacher in Space on the Challenger Space Shuttle) will be in my classroom speaking to and with my students and answering their questions. In addition, Lee Baber’s YouthBridges students will be Skyping in from Virginia, and hopefully others will as well. Lee and I have been trying to work out all the logistics without actually managing to communicate with each other, which is always very exciting. I wasn’t able to let her know if we were really on until Wednesday night and then I was gone all day Thursday on a field trip ┬áthe 3 hour time difference doesn’t help, but I’m confident we will make it work… make it work … make it work …

We are trying to videotape her visit and to record the audio for a podcast. If I can manage to post how you can be part of this I will but chances are it will be very last minute. I can tell you it will start about 9:15am PDT. You might find out how to be part of the Skype on the YouthBridges site.

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3 thoughts on “Christa McAuliffe’s Mom, Grace Corrigan Visiting My Classroom Friday!!!

  1. I have an hour of video (I think … I haven’t had a chance to rewind yet) – don’t know when I will get a chance to edit it – but when I do I will post it on our school’s web site and maybe on TeacherTube too.