CNN Asking For Viewer’s Opinions On The State Of Education In This Country

I received the following email today. Thought it might be a good way to voice your vision of education:

Hi Brian,

I’m working with CNN, who is asking its viewers to help them report on the state of primary education in the U.S. during Campbell Brown’s show No Bias. No Bull.

To do so, they are inviting their viewers to submit a video that articulates their point of view on the state of our nation’s educational system – whether it uncovers problems or shortcomings in the community, highlights success stories or proposes solutions. (emphasis added)

You understand the power of using technology to teach and learn, so we’d love to hear and see you use that power to share your thoughts on primary education.

To submit a video, please go to . The website will take any kind of video format; all you have to do is tag it “education”.

So here is your big chance – check out the website.

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