“Ed-tech groups give candidates a wake-up call”

This is great if it will really have an impact on things. Article in eSchool News today:

Ed-tech groups give candidates a wake-up call
New ad campaign aims to spur discussion about education and technology
By Meris Stansbury, Assistant Editor, eSchool News

A quote from the article (Note: you can read the first part of the article without registering, the rest with free registration):

The campaign calls on the next president to respond to the groups’ vision for a 21st-century learning environment, says Keith Krueger, CoSN’s chief executive.

“We hope it will draw the attention of the presidential candidates and become something discussed and debated on the campaign trail, leading to major educational technology initiatives in the next administration. We also hope that the PSA will raise the profile of this issue in the minds of voters,” Krueger said.

Check out the whole article.

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