Help set the agenda for our next Skypecasts and join in!

Brett Moller has already picked up the ball and set a possible agenda for another Skypecast to further the work started so ably by Wes Fryer. And as I write this I see Wes has already posted a new Skypecast for this Tuesday  at 8PM Central time and set an agenda. Both agendas look intriguing.

I especially want to encourage those that have not done a Skypecast before to join in. There is no pressure to get involved in the discussion unless you are comfortable doing so. Just listen in if that’s what suits you. Equipment needed is your computer, a microphone – although you computer probably has a built in one, and headphones make it easier to hear.

Start by visiting the Skype web site to download the FREE software and then visit Brett’s and Wes’s blogs to find the link to the specific Skypecast.

Be there – learning is messy – jump in and have a messy learning experience!

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