Is This An Example Of 21st Century Skills???

My wife was correcting a math page done by her 4th graders. She finds one where the print is “grainy” … not like the rest. Why? Turns out one student lost their page … calls friend who has already completed problems … so the friend makes a copy and “whites out” the answers and the work they did, then faxes new “blank” page to classmate.

Is this what we mean by 21st century skills??? Part of me says yes,
and part ….

Learning is messy.

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5 thoughts on “Is This An Example Of 21st Century Skills???

  1. For me – I call it problem solving, a skill that students need. I am having more students email me their paper when their printer is out. I never told them to, they just figured that was their best option to make sure it was turned in on time. I love the kids who can think on their own woth out me giving them solutions. Those are the things they will remember!

  2. We often have students who hand in faxed homework. I think it shows ingenuity. At least they don’t come in saying they left it at school and couldn’t do it!

    BTW..I wrote about you in my blog this weekend.

  3. I am amazed at how many of our families have fax machines, kids have cell phones, and all at grade 5! We have similar problem solving going on all the time at our school.

    We’re heading out tomorrow morning (6:30 am) for “Space Camp” — Kennedy Space Center for a 2-day overnight trip. We get to sleep under a Saturn V rocket! Watch for our on-the-scenes podcasts via cell phone. Another technology “solution” to the problem of how to capture what we see and experience?

    Paul & the Fifth Graders in
    Fort Myers, Florida