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I posted a new piece over at “In Practice” … How Much Better Could It Be With Collaboration? I really believe making a journey like our 1:1 laptop program, or any “new” teaching or learning you are trying, with collaboration of some kind is key. Key to motivation, key to getting constructive feedback, others to help “plow the field” the first time, etc. I push having students do much of their learning in groups … only makes sense it would be good for me (and you).

Learning is messy!

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One thought on “New Post At “In Practice”

  1. In agreement. Now that I am not tethered to my own classroom, I have found that working with other teachers, planning, talking about student skills, and co-teaching, makes a world of difference.

    It means quite a bit for the students, seeing two (or more) teachers working together. Somehow, students are fairly adroit at picking up on our enthusiasm. Not a new skill, not in the least, but when we co-teach, they see a working partnership, one that mirrors the dynamic we often ask them to model.