PSSSST …. Lunar Eclipse Wednesday Night (North America) … Pass It On!!!

Wednesday night in North America there will be a lunar eclipse. Here is a link to The NASA Eclipse Home Page. I’m hoping to get my 5th graders to observe and blog about it. Keep it safe … it will be after dark so talk to students about not going out without supervision (depending on circumstances of course).

Should be a good “messy” learning experience.

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2 thoughts on “PSSSST …. Lunar Eclipse Wednesday Night (North America) … Pass It On!!!

  1. Hey Brian – just to let you know I enjoy reading your blog. Last year I taught a combined 5/6 class at a small Quaker school (and loved it) but this year I’m working for the PBS NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, to start a teacher support blog as part of NewsHour’s online educational outreach. I want you to know I linked to your wonderful Skype piece in a post I made this week. What a pleasure it must be for you to have engineered and produced such a useful demonstration of thoughtfulness. My wife, a child and family therapist, is telling all her colleagues about it, since it has great potential for families going through similar rough times. I can’t seem to make my trackbacks work in Moveable Type, so here’s the link to my post that mentions yours: By the way, I love the title of your blog. It reminds me of a quote from one of my educational mentors, David Hawkins, who I think coined the term “messing about with Science” perhaps inspiared from the Wind in the Willows, where Rat “messes about with boats.” Keep up the great work, and I’ll look forward to keeping up with your blog. Our NewsHour site is primarily for middle and high school teachers, but I’m partial to elementary school teaching too, since really good education knows no age boundaries. – Brian

  2. I really wanted to see this, but we had too much cloud cover. My kids sat out on the porch in the cold, anyway, though, and I think they enjoyed themselves… 🙂