Read and Blog All Summer!

Today is our last day of school. This is the message I left my students on our blog:

“Most teachers beg their students to read during their time off from coming to school each day. Why? Because like anything else we get better with practice and rusty without practice. So yes! READ! READ! READ!
This year we have come so far, and improved SO MUCH in our writing. Most of us now have access to a computer at home, and the rest probably know someone that does or somewhere (the same public library where you can get lots of books) that does. So also BLOG! Blog about what you do, learn and feel. Blog the good and the bad … but BLOG!
I will put up ideas here from time to time as the summer goes along that you can write about too.
Remember too, that this is a great opportunity to communicate with your friends here in our school community, but also with those students all over the world in your blogging community. Keep those connections going. What are they doing? What books are they reading?
Also have a great summer! … a great enough summer you WANT to write about it!”

We’ll see!

Learning is messy!

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