Showcase The Network? or “World Domination”

With EduCon 2.0 taking place this weekend in Philadelphia and poor me not able to go, I thought I would share an idea that perhaps the attendees could rattle around.
The host of EduCon, Chris Lehmann, explained what its about this way:

“… a chance to put our heads together collectively and agree to try to make our schools better tomorrow than they were yesterday, and a chance to celebrate the best of what we’re doing today too.“

We “edubloggers” complain about and bemoan how slow change is, how difficult it is to get the word out or show best practice examples of what could be, so that others might understand and come aboard. Well, here’s a thought.

We all revel in this great Web 2.0 connectivity and communication, and lately, how powerful the network is. Many of the same people involved in pulling off the K12 Online Conference, which was a perfect example of using all these great communication tools to educate others without having to be in the same locale, are involved one way or the other with EduCon.

Why not use all these great communicators and  communication tools (You know … “The Network” … our network) – Ustream, Skype. Elluminate, YouTube, TeacherTube, blogs, wikis, … to put on an online event. Maybe a one day coordinated (or maybe only sort-of coordinated) event where we showcase all these tools and teaching methods with best practice examples from around the world. Who would the audience be? The media, general public … anyone we can induce to “Pay Attention”.

What better way to explain / demonstrate why all these tools could make a difference in education than by using them to educate those that could make a difference? We could have Ustreamed lessons – or even short pre-recorded clips of lessons and student and teacher reactions that others would be invited to watch live. We could record all the day’s events and send DVD’s after the fact to media outlets that didn’t bother to watch. We are good at this kind of stuff … we could do this … if the network wanted it to. Just a thought.

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One thought on “Showcase The Network? or “World Domination”

  1. Would you be interested in working with Elluminate to put together a webinar about using web 2.0 tools, including our Elluminate Live! virtual classroom? There are so many tools that used together provide a very righ learning environment.

    I think this would be a great topic. An hour session would enable us to at least get started talking about the possibilities. Maybe we have a webinar series here!

    – Beth, Elluminate Goddess of Communication