Study: “The Influence of Teachers’ Technology Use on Instructional Practices”

Miguel  had a post today about this research on tech use in schools and I just felt I needed to help spread the news (The Influence of Teachers’ Technology Use on Instructional Practices – Glenda C. Rakes, Valerie S. Fields, Karee E. Cox ). For those of you that want to be able to cite research in support of technology use and constructivist teaching download this PDF file of the study. From Miguel’s post:

“Some key points:

The resulting inauthenticity of classroom activity makes it difficult for children to see how schoo learning applies to their lives (Perchman, 1992).

Due to an emphasis on standardized testing, a lack of focus on higher-order thinking skills exists. (Brooks, 2004).
Per capita incomes, salaries, computer use in the classrooms, school administrative costs, and transportation are among the top challenges for rural schools.

Even though students must learn facts and basic skills, the data suggest that emphasis on advanced reasoning skills promotes higher student performance.

Authentic problems or actions are ill-structured complex problems analogous to those students face in everyday experience and will face in their future professions. These problems help learners organize their learning and facilitate growth in reasoning and problem-solving skills.

The appropriate use of technology can reinforce higher cognitive skill development and complex thinking skills such as problem solving, reasoning, decision making, and scientific inquiry.

In order for technology to positively affect teaching methods–and therefore student learning–teachers must possess the technology-related skills needed to use tech and must actively use these tools in their classrooms.

There continues to be much emphasis n the purchase and installation of equipment without sufficient funding for staff development.”

Thanks Miguel!!!

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