Uh… Does This Set Off Any Alarms For You!?

Teaching in Nevada is never dull. Last Year state senator Bob Beers (yes that’s his real name) made headlines by proposing Nevada teachers be armed with guns and trained to use them. Here’s the latest: Nevada proposes extra pay for teachers who double as school police. Nevada teachers may be trained and armed as reserve school police officers under a State Board of Education member’s proposal to supplement dwindling numbers of school police.

Here’s the link to an article in the Las Vegas Sun:

Teachers who get police training could get extra pay, carry guns
By Emily Richmond

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2 thoughts on “Uh… Does This Set Off Any Alarms For You!?

  1. This doesn’t surprise me a whole lot. I’m married to a commercial airline pilot who never owned a gun until after 9/11 when the federal government began training to fill our skies with what I like to call “gun totin’ pilots”.

    We have become a society that is afraid not to be armed. The NRA must be very proud.