Video-Conferencing Presentation On K12 Online 2008

I meant to post about this at the beginning of the conference, but I guess right in the middle is good too. The K12 Online Conference 2008 is ongoing, and as usual the keynotes and presentations are well worth your time to “attend,” … and better, they are free! You can even get credit.

Last year I was one of the conference keynote presenters, and this year I was honored to have my presentation on video-conferencing accepted. Check out the scheduling page to see what is being offered, about half the conference has already gone live and this week more presentations will come online each day.

Learning is messy!

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3 thoughts on “Video-Conferencing Presentation On K12 Online 2008

  1. Great preso on videoconferencing. I like how you moved from practical applications of video conferencing, showed examples of each one and then moved to specifics on how to use it—all within thirteen minutes.

  2. I loved the presentation! I do have a question…

    What is the best way to find willing participants to videoconference? Are there any great resources out there for this. I work in a high school and am having difficulty finding people willing to videoconference.

    Great job, keep it up!

  3. Jerry – I usually make contacts through my blog, my students’ blog and through Twitter. Put out on your blog that you are interested in video-conferencing, what grade, subject, etc. Even just making contact the first time and saying hi, then working with that teacher to do something more “meaty”. If you aren’t both working on something similar, just share with each other whatever learning you are doing. It is still an authentic audience, you’ll get ‘your feet wet” and can go from there. Several people are trying to put together wiki pages to connect people through. I’ll check to see if that has gotten anywhere yet.