Video Production Day 2


We continued working on our blog video today. Each group shot their different scenes based on the storyboards and dialog they wrote. I used large index cards for the storyboards so they could draw the scene on one side and the dialog that went with it on the other. Then it was easy to have a group shoot their scenes because I could see if what they planned made sense right away.


After all their scenes were shot I had each group bring over a laptop and we downloaded their video into iMovie2 and saved it. Next I reviewed what we had learned about editing earlier in the week and set them loose to put their clips in order, do some basic “clean-up” editing and delete the sound since they will be doing voice-over narration.


Learning is messy!

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5 thoughts on “Video Production Day 2

  1. This is important work. We are lacking more visual examples of changed classrooms in action. Somehow many, including myself need video to bring alive the learning documented on so many blogs. We know these classrooms exist and work but unless we can show someone, for many it’s too abstract.
    I would challenge all classrooms to produce one video that exemplies the good work they are doing. Thanks for this.

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing your finished product too, Brian. After our videoconference with your class I feel as if I know these children! My class will love seeing what they put together about their blogging experience.

  3. DSkey – this project was put on hold because we ran out of school year and we haven’t been able to pick it up again… yet. I’m hoping we can get back to it later this year which might actually be an advantage because my students will have just that much more experience and insight into blogging. When doing projects this happens sometimes … not often thankfully, but it happens.