YouthBridges Interview Via Skype

Lee Baber’s students from YouthBridges will be interviewing my students Thursday from J. Frank Hillyard Middle School in Virginia. We’ll be using Skype and may be joined by others from various locales. They’ll turn this into a podcast – I’ll let you know where as soon as I know where it will be available. Lee and I did a test run this morning and things seemed to work fine. The one unknown is whether or not Celest will be able to join us, she has been a bit under the weather of late, but she seems to think she’ll be ready for this.

My class spent time today thinking about possible answers to the questions we were sent.  This is a great opportunity for my fourth graders to practice expressing themselves. Since most of my class are second language learners giving more than short answers is a weakness, so I really appreciate the opportunity this gives them – we can even listen to ourselves later and critique how we did.

More later.

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7 thoughts on “YouthBridges Interview Via Skype

  1. Best of luck with the skypecast. I just wanted to check in with you and let you know how inspiring it is to see your class work with Celeste. I have shared the video and the story of Celeste with my staff.

    I also have a tech question. What are you using to record your skypecast as a podcast? I have tried a few things, but to no avail.


  2. Patrick – YouthBridges and a third party were recording not me – however I know it can be done. Wes Fryer has recorded Skypecasts before – if I get a chance I will see if I can find the post he made last fall about how he was doing it, because I know he mentioned the software he was using and I believe it is free.

  3. Brian,

    Sorry to hijack your post, but thanks for all of the resources. I am a Mac user, but work with PC’s at school. These will both be fantastic.