WritingFix.Com Gets A Face-lift!

I’m currently teaching a 15 hour class combining writing, field trips and web 2.0 apps to teachers mainly from my school district. Under pressure to come up with a title for the class a few years ago I said to someone on the phone … “Uh … I don’t know … just call it something like, ‘I Want to Integrate Writing, Technology and Field Experiences Into A Crammed Curriculum. How?’ … OK?”
Ummmm … the name hasn’t changed.

One of the pieces I show and have teachers play with and try-out is the “jam-packed-with-every-kind-of-writing-prompt-you-can-think-of …and some you can’t… WritingFix.com (Where the motto is –“WritingFix: Where getting a daily “fix” of writing is more important than fixing your writing”). Corbett Harrison put it together, with a little help from his friends at the Northern Nevada Writing Project (with which I just happen to be a consultant), and now it is getting a much needed face-lift. I hope they keep my one contribution, my: A Day As Your Shoes interactive writing prompt. If you have never checked out this site and you teach writing … you are in for a treat … and so are your students.

So check it out!

Writing can be “messy” learning … and fun too!!!

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One thought on “WritingFix.Com Gets A Face-lift!

  1. This is fantastic Brian. Your idea about the day as your shoes looks really cool and I think I will use it tomorrow when my year 7s are in the computer lab. Talk about just-in-time learning. Of course I hope they will blog as well, maybe publish the story they wrote on their blog. Thanks for writing about this. If you want to check them out they are at http://mrsmac2022.learnerblogs.org