How To Get Them To Explain It, When Its All They Really Know?

We are doing an end of year blogging project that the students wanted to do. Tell about being in a 1:1 laptop class that does lots of projects (their wording). The problem? The only reference point they have is when they were in 3rd grade and before. That’s tough to compare and contrast with because when you are that age you just don’t typically think that way. If we were in high school and this was a new experience they could refer back to upper elementary and middle school and note how much different things are … but doing school this way is kind of all they know. So I’ve explained that to them and we brainstormed out many of the projects and activities we’ve been involved in … now they are trying to tell about their experiences. Should be interesting. If anyone has any ideas I could use to make it easier for them to think about this to tell their story, let me know … um like right away, only 2 days left of school!

Learning is messy!

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4 thoughts on “How To Get Them To Explain It, When Its All They Really Know?

  1. OH, but things are different —
    a lot happens between K and 3rd grade.

    Have them begin by brainstorm (off the blog) of school memories — school events — teachers they had —

    Get them talking about books they have read — how the books have changed — get them to compare books in K to books now. They have changed.

    Ask a couple of K and 1 graders in — and have them compare height and hand sizes….see if the K1 can tie their shoes —

    Ask your students a few questions — perhaps to define some words — ask the same ?? to the younger students.

    A lot happens, a great deal —
    you might just need to stir the post (deliberate misspelling) a bit.


  2. I think it would be a bit like trying to describe culture- you can only really appreciate your own culture when you are outside it to see how the other people live their lives.

    I have asked the children in my class in the past to name some of the unique animals and birds that live no where else in the world apart from New Zealand. They suggested sheep and dogs and cows. Because they had not been anywhere else to compare it they had no idea just how wonderfully special New Zealand is.

    The test will be after they have left your class. In six months time have them reflect through a comment or Voicethread the differences between being taught in a 1-1 environment and the class they are presently in.

    I tried a similar thing at the end of 2008.

  3. Have they thought about choosing one project they felt meant the most to them as a learner in an area they might normally struggle in? They could explain how the new way of learning helped them.

    Or, they could create a project based on a community issue using similar guidelines form the current year’s work.

    Another idea would be to leave a Summer Time Capsule for the upcoming students to be opened/read at the beginning of the next school year. They can leave their wisdom about lessons learned in a 1:1 class and what would be important for those new to that type of learning environment. It would give them something of a legacy of learning.

    Just a few thoughts. Good luck and enjoy the summer.