Parents Shaky About Digital Kids Safety

Interesting article on CNET in light of the recent discussions about DOPA – Parents shaky about kids’ safety online By Stefanie Olsen. One telling quote from the article:

Despite a need to shoulder the responsibility, teachers seem bereft of the materials and time needed to teach kids about online media literacy. According to Levin, 60 percent of teachers said that information and media literacy skills aren’t taught enough in schools. And 78 percent of teachers said that they’ve had to learn about media literacy skills on their own in order to educate kids.

But my favorite paragraph is this one:

Those strategies include setting rules about what kids are allowed to do online, Levin said. Next, use parental control technology available from ISPs or search engines. And third, don’t panic. Kids will eventually run into something online that they shouldn’t. Talking to children about it is the best approach, Levin said.

What a concept! Really a pretty good take on the situation – a worthwhile read!

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2 thoughts on “Parents Shaky About Digital Kids Safety

  1. Parental Control Technologies (ie internet filtering) are no substitute for knowing what your kids are doing and who their online friends are.

    Kids need to develop competence with the technology and an awareness of risks. Limiting time or using filters just inhibits this competence. Kids will always be able to access inappropriate material.

    Parents HAVE to know what their kids are doing and who they are doing it with and be able to discuss issues openly as they arise.

    Do you know who your kids MSN contacts are?

  2. Tony – I agree – I keyed in on:
    “Talking to children about it is the best approach, Levin said.” As opposed to using filters or limiting time. I also thought it was interesting that most teachers don’t feel that information or media literacy skills are taught enough in school – in the article parents lament that they don’t know enough to teach or monitor their kids effectively with technology so They would appreciate if someone else filled that void.
    Thanks for your comment.