…But … But When My Teaching Duties Subside … That’s When I HAVE Time To Be Networked!

Think it is interesting how several edubloggers have again been disconnecting from the network because of the feeling of “network/technology overload” and the feeling of needing a break (which I understand completely) or not really taking a break but coincidently not blogging because of feeling overloaded. The latter example is constantly thrust upon me (and I’m sure many of you) just because of the nature of being a teacher.

However, when things slow down around my teaching job that is when I yearn to be part of the network … all that pent up… seeing what is going on and being discussed and not having the time to be part of it finally getting a chance to be unleashed. I’ve actually noticed now that I often DON’T blog or comment on certain topics just because I know I won’t have time to deal adequately with comments or blowback that beg for a response from me. It’s kind of a self imposed censorship really.

Learning is messy!

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2 thoughts on “…But … But When My Teaching Duties Subside … That’s When I HAVE Time To Be Networked!

  1. Here’s something that just occurred to me. Maybe its occurred to others before.

    I think people might see networked learning as “casual” or “informal” because it is available when you want it to be rather than a scheduled event.

    I think though that paying attention and really learning in this manner requires much more dedication and discipline than face to face learning.

    To me at least, reading requires more discipline and thought than listening, and writing requires way more reflection and care than talking. On line conversations are harder to follow and I really have to focus (name of my blog) to really take away something or add something of meaningful.

    As I write this, its no where near as eloquent or insightful as I want it to be. And I’m fighting the tendency you speak of to wait until later to find the time to express myself more clearly and to hone my message just as I want it to appear.

    I rarely feel that way when I’m engaged in a face to face conversation. I tend to react more and self edit less. This is a lot harder.

  2. Hello,
    I love your honesty! I often feel overwhelmed also and I never know whether I should disconnect or connect differently. Usually, I unplug and clean up the kitchen or throw some laundry in the washer. And as far as having the time to do an adequate job responding to posts, I fear if I wait for that perfect moment, I never would post at all.
    Keep writing!