The 21st Century Comes Home To Roost – Or – How Does A Family Of Four Survive On One Working Cell Phone?

So for reasons I tried my best to foresee but was out voted on, we got stuck with 3 particularly wonky cell phones and in a strange convergence all 3 mostly died in a 2 day period. We weren’t willing to pay $12 per phone to speed up delivery of replacements, so other than my iPhone my daughters and wife are without phones until the new ones are delivered … Friday.

The upshot of this has been that cell phones are SO prevalent that wherever my daughters happen to be they can borrow someone else’s and check in with us. However this leads to some interesting, sometimes frustrating, occurrences. Like getting a voice-message  from your daughter and when you call the number back you get someone that doesn’t know your daughter, and isn’t sure which one of the girls she just lent her phone to during a break during volleyball practice is your daughter … and the first two they put on aren’t your daughter. SO then you try to think of which friends that you might have the number for also happen to be at practice. It gets even more convoluted than that … and it’s only Monday.

Learning is messy!

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