Twitter … Another Why? Example

I’m writing this after upgrading my WordPress Blog from version 2.1 to version 2.5 without having my heart completely stop … but almost! I stupidly did not back-up my files … just followed the directions after being advised by WordPress that my old version was open to security issues. 

I did save my old WordPress files … sort of … probably not the right ones though … and did everything right, but when I went to my blog the header was there with a message like you get when you first set-up a WordPress blog and all my old posts and links and all were gone. 2 years of posts GONE!!!! And probably no way to get them back … or at least not without A LOT of work.

I started Twittering my panic asking for help, and Doug Noon and a few others chimed in. After 10 or so minutes that seemed like an hour, Doug finally Twitted a suggestion that I needed to follow-through on updating my database and that did it … everything came back … my heart was beating again and everything.

This is one of those examples that those of us that see value in Twitter tend to bring up from time to time … the quick response from many minds you can access (in 140 characters or less). This is not the ONLY way I’ve found value in Twitter, but tonight it was good enough.

Learning is messy!

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One thought on “Twitter … Another Why? Example

  1. Another example of the magic of Twitter. Your panic situation is usually something that someone else has experiences so if someone can’t rescue you, they can at least commiserate with you! Glad you got it all worked out.