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The Blogger’s Café, which I believe is new this year, actually has become a touchbase for the edubloggers here. One reason is its location – near bathrooms, coffee and a view of the dreaded exhibit floor. Its 8:45am and right now David Warlick, David Jakes, John Pederson, Cheryl Oakes, Jennifer Wagner, Brian Grenier and a few others that my muddled morning mind can’t conjure their names have staked out a spot near a plug strip. David W and John were showing others Twitter as people share where they are going etc.

At one point yesterday all those named above along with Wes Fryer, Will Richardson, Mark Wagner, Sharon Peters, Vicki Davis and 10 or more others were all here talking, laughing, sharing – breaking into informal discussion groups that were fluid and would trade members. Chris Lehman sat with Sharon Peters as she asked him questions about SLA and recorded the answers for a podcast – those around chimed in with questions and comments too. Someone brought over their laptop so they could Video-Skype a friend from across the country that is interested in progressive education so she could listen in and Chris was totally accommodating. This is how to conference. The face to face is awesome and needed.

Learning is messy!

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2 thoughts on “Blogger’s Café – The Conversation Place

  1. Yes, it’s been fun to meet with some of the folks whom I feel.. well, I USED to feel, are part of my learning community. Now that I’ve commented here I guess I’m IN!! 🙂

    Yes, this has been a unique experience and I’ve enjoyed the heck out of it. I especially enjoyed the edubloggercon. Great conversations.

  2. Well Brian, I spent the day at work, and life is back to being Wells, ME -5GMT.
    Oh, well, I had a fabulous time at NECC. Looking forward to continuing conversations.
    Talk soon.