8 Random Things Meme

OK, so many people have tagged me to do this I guess I’d better.

1. I love the mountains which is why we live in Reno, Nevada. Lake Tahoe and many hiking trails are close by, but we don’t deal with the snow too much where we live because its a desert. Photo below was taken today. It takes 25 minutes to get to this spot from our house.

2. I like weather. I like to go out in a thunderstorm (away from lightening) when its raining so hard it almost hurts when it hits you. I like the cold, some of my favorite hikes have been winter hikes (or cross country ski trips) up mountains when it is snowin’ and blowin’. Took this photo of a lenticular cloud from our front door yesterday.

3. I wish I played a musical instrument.
4. I don’t tear up easily, but when I see students doing any kind of performance, that often gets me.
5. I like history, my degree is in political science because I didn’t have the time to do biology and still get an elementary teaching license.
6. I was going to be a professional photographer until a friend had me come to his outdoor ed camp to take publicity photos. Rock climbing, night hiking, botany, survival training, geology and more with 6 to 16 year olds changed my mind.
7. I believe in “at risk” elementary schools students should take at least one field trip a month to build schema and love of learning.
8. My dream trip would be to go to Antarctica, including being at the South Pole for at least a month working with scientists.

OK – I did it!

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6 thoughts on “8 Random Things Meme

  1. And you did it beautifully.

    Thank you.

    Field trip my way. You’d love the area.
    But, given your inclinations I think you’d love Monterey more, possibly Lake San Antonio when the bald eagles are nesting, or the hike up Pinnacles.

  2. We did a project with scientists studying Weddell Seals in Antarctica (www.polarscience.ca). If they go back for another field season we’ll let you know; if you can’t physically go, you can at least make the trip virtually.

  3. I wondered how you would handle those tags, and you did it wonderfully! You have “raised the bar” on tagging….but then that should come as no surprise!

  4. If you’re ever in Colorado, I’ll teach you quickly how to play an instrument. Once you have one under your belt, you can easily add another. I’m an Antarctica-phile too. My favorite Antarctica blog is this one: Big Blue Globe http://bigblueglobe.blogspot.com/ Tom and his wife Lynn are support staff for the scientists. I think they arrived this time in October. If you don’t have time to look at it in detail, let me know and I’ll email you my favorite posts, such as the one about Icestock (the Antarctic version of Woodstock). I agree about the field trips.