Cardboard Box City

My youngest daughter is participating in Cardboard Box City tonight. The goal of the program from their web site: 

Participants spend a night in a cardboard box and confront the experience of being without a home for a night. 

What a great “messy learning” experience.

Learning is messy!


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2 thoughts on “Cardboard Box City

  1. Learning might be messy but what a great way to learn. How did it all finish up? Is the weather cold there at night time now? Although we are in spring, our nights are freezing.
    What do they do for food?

  2. She had a great experience. It got down to 49 last night. They ate before they went and then got coffee in the morning. They walked the streets of downtown Reno last night and visited places where homeless people often spend the night and have died during the night.