I’m Melancholy Already

We have just had too much fun and learning and networking. Twitter has been all the rage here (if you hadn’t already figured that out) – has been a great tool for sharing what’s going on and connecting up. I’m sitting in the Blogger’s Café AGAIN and it is almost 8:30pm – very little going on … except that many here have been asked by the WOW2 ladies to be part of a NECC WOW2 – and that starts in 30 minutes not far from here.

The downside of all this networking is definitely going to be the withdrawl after it ends. I’m fairly tech savvy, but many of the other bloggers here are never disconnected. If there’s no wireless they have the phones and know how to make connections all the time. Has lead to some very funny stories about being just too connected. But when all this ends its going to be tough. All the more reason to do it again next year! Gotta go – WOW2 is about to start.

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3 thoughts on “I’m Melancholy Already

  1. I agree…don’t you wish we could have these conversations all the time. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you in person Brain, you are doing amazing things with kids…and that’s what it’s all about!

  2. Brian,

    I was sitting next to you at the Blogger’s Cafe Tuesday as you were blogging this. I enjoyed our chat and getting to meet you in person after hearing you on WOW20. And now look forward to reading your blog.

    I consider myself tech-savvy as well and was amazed at what the ultra techies were doing – in SL, Skype, chat and twitter at the same time! Frankly it made my brain hurt. And I wondered if there isn’t a point where we can become OVER connected and miss “the moment” in front of us.

    Hope you have arrived home safely. See you in the blogosphere!


  3. I hear ya, Brian. The withdrawl is tough. I had to focus on other projects for two days and now I’m glad to get back to the aggregator and some NECC follow up. 🙂