Just Your Normal Day At School

The specific day mentioned in the title above was last Tuesday, the day after a 3 day weekend. A weekend when my wife broke her wrist falling from her mountain bike that she was actually riding in the mountains … the Sierra Nevadas to be exact in a place call Cisco Grove (no connection to the technology company btw). She had surgery that Wednesday and is doing fine.

I managed to get to school a bit earlier than usual that Tuesday. I settled into my overstuffed desk chair and began checking email when I noticed a Twitter notification from Jeff Utecht asking me to Skype him ASAP. Within 1 minute I was talking to Jeff in Bangkok, Thailand (Skype is just too cool!). Jeff informed me that he had someone drop out from presenting at the Learning 2.008 Conference in Shanghai, China, and wondered if would I consider making the trip. He explained all the arrangements and requirements, and right after I picked my jaw off the floor I found myself saying “Yes!” He told me I wouldn’t know for sure until Thursday and that would still leave me plenty of time to prep 6 sub days, multiple presentations in Shanghai, visa applications and other arrangements and teach full time … Nooooo problem! : ) I mean that gives me 9 days. : )

So Thursday we confirmed it and the rest is (or will be) history. My principal has bent over backwards getting the required I’s dotted and T’s crossed and unless something falls through I’m Shanghai bound!

Later that same day I found out that the iBook laptops that were stolen a few weeks back will be replaced with new Macbooks … could be here any day … ho hum.

Just your normal day at school.

BTW I explained the next day to my students about the new laptops AND my trip to China. They were happy about the laptops but equally happy about my trip. I zoomed from the roof of our school to Shanghai using Google Earth (they never get tired of that) and answered a bunch of questions and dispelled some misconceptions about China. I only wish the time zone thing worked so that I could Skype them into one or so of my presentations. I will be able to share blog posts they’ll be posting though.

I have had this class of students for 2 years now and starting our 3rd year together. There are 12 of my original 28 – 4th graders left and 8 students that joined us last year in fifth grade that are still here. Celest tried to come back, but they moved further away and couldn’t get the after-school care to work so no Celest – but she has been leaving a few comments on blogs and I saw her the first day of school and she looks great. We’ve also heard from 3 other students that moved out of the area. These things happen in neighborhoods overwhelmed with poverty … lots of movement.

Well back to prep!

Learning is messy!

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6 thoughts on “Just Your Normal Day At School

  1. I am so glad that you are going to SHANGHAI. I am so glad that your students will see you going to SHANGHAI and how that will open their possibilities too!!

    Seems like you had a very good week!! Lots to think about on the 14 — hmmmm 15 hour flight???

    Take care!!! Can’t wait to hear more!


  2. Thanks Jen … I have a feeling I won’t have time to “Think” during my flight. I’ll probably be frantically getting my presentations together. : )

  3. This is just so amazing and exciting. I’m really happy to hear you are getting the new Macbooks. At least you can be back to your old computer ratio. You have so much to share in Shanghai. Congratulations!

  4. Brian,

    You only have yourself to blame. You Twittered me back in May and I quote “Where’s the Elementary People?”

    They are in Reno

    And they are on their way to Shanghai 🙂

    See you Monday buddy!

  5. I am so excited about you going to Shanghai! You will be awesome there because you have so much neat stuff to share. I hope that I will be able to see some of it virtually and if so, look forward to seeing your presentations. Good luck and have a safe trip!