MB BloggerCon And The Power of the Network

Last week Dean Shareski and Jeff Utecht both video-Skyped into a tech class I was doing for teachers … it was great.

So tonight … Thanksgiving … 15 minutes after dinner I sat down and noticed that Dean had sent me a Twit asking if I was available to Skype. He was in Manitoba, Canada at their EduBloggerCon and was doing a short presentation about his network. He had Alec Couros from Saskatchewan and Jeff from China and then me talk about the power of the network. Then 20 minutes later I was back with my family.

Earlier in the day in-between checking on my barbecuing turkey Wes Fryer contacted me about a teacher in Florida that might want to collaborate on an online project. I touched base and didn’t miss my next visit with the gobbler on the barbecue.

All day I would occasionally check Twitter and join in the banter going on between those of us living in the US celebrating Thanksgiving and the rest of the world that was doing business as usual. Since I can’t Twitter from school … yet … it was nice to be part of the goings on on a weekday.

Well, I can feel the effects of all that turkey I ate earlier catching up with me. Happy Thanksgiving to those in the Us! And … umm … Happy Thursday … or … Friday to the rest of you!

Learning is messy!

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6 thoughts on “MB BloggerCon And The Power of the Network

  1. Brian, you were awesome tonight! I also plugged your work and K12 Online Keynote. Dean jumping around from Saskatchewan to China to Nevada has people’s heads spinning; yet he has such a comfortable and easy way about him that it was all so accessible.

    Tonight really modeled the connections we all have and the way collaboration can evolve organically and have a huge impact! Glad you were there. 😉