My EduCon 2.2 Session Update / Request

Now that I am in Philadelphia for the Educon 2.2 Conference and able to focus more on my session, I thought I’d get a bit of a jumpstart on refining the conversation. I’m going to take very little time to “present” and use the vast bulk of time to have everyone brainstorm and develop a shared vision(s)  … at least as much of one as can be done in a bit more than an hour.

The title for the session is “Elementary School In The 21st Century, How Does The Pedagogy Change? What Does That School Look Like?”

We have limited time so what should be our focus? Here is a list to get started, any additions deletions you can suggest in comments would be appreciated!


Standards? / Curriculum?

Assessment? / Accountability?

Does size matter?

Facilities? / Equipment?

Which subjects are taught / are not taught?


Magnet school / school with-in school?

Extra-curricular Programs? Sports, arts, scouts, various clubs / interest groups

Local / Global Connections / outreach?

Parent / Home Connection(s)?

What else?

Learning is messy!

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2 thoughts on “My EduCon 2.2 Session Update / Request

  1. Brian,

    I am looking forward to the conversations. I teach fifth grade in a K-5 building and there are group of us that are meeting at school on Saturday morning to participate in your class via the Elluminate link.

    You have a great list of ideas started. The idea of pedagogy seems to be a practical area to consider for elementary teachers. In many of our professional development sessions at school we have been using TPACK as a frame of reference. Perhaps this will help the flow of our conversations.

    Will you be moderating the Ellumination session or someone else from SLA?

    See ya in the morning?


  2. I think an important concept for today’s education is the value of Reading/Writing as ‘the’ learning method vs. Audio/Visual as ‘the’ learning method. I might suggest that our students are far more adapt at learning through audio and video and (outside of teaching reading and writing for the skill) we should pay far more attention to to the way in which they learn.