NECC 2007 – I’m There

I had been hoping to make NECC 2007 – but we were planning to do an east coast vacation (our girls are the right age to appreciate it) and there was a time conflict – and the cost was prohibitive. However, since my wife broke her knee we put our trip off a month, my principal let it be known that there was some conference money available, and voila I’m going to Atlanta! I’ll even be able to make the EduBloggerCon on Saturday.

I’ve been a member of my school district’s science cadre for the last 10 years and so I haven’t gone to a tech conference out of state (but lots of science conferences which are cool too), since I attended a CUE conference in Palm Springs 10 years ago. My tenure on the science cadre is over so maybe I’ll make more tech conferences in the coming years.

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2 thoughts on “NECC 2007 – I’m There

  1. YEAH!! I hope to see you there.

    CUE is great — but NECC, well it is FANTASTIC. Be prepared to be overwhelmed (in a good way!)

    I hope our paths cross at NECC.

    Jennifer Wagner