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My class had another adventure today. A magazine article is being written about how students use technology in their learning, and part of the article involves my class. So the magazine paid for a bus and a photographer – we went into a typical “high desert” location and shot photos of the students with their laptops in the snow and sagebrush for an hour. Only one skinned knee, but lots of fun for the class. You can check out a few more photos on our Flickr account.

When we got back to class the students were working on their blogs so the photographer took pictures of that too. The important thing is that all the laptops were still working when we got back … even though 2 of them ended up in the snow when students slipped. One of them had snow crammed in every port (ethernet, firewire, USB … we got the snow out … let it sit with that side of the computer facing down so any water could drain out … and when we got back to school it started right up … not bad for an 8 year old laptop that has been used to death. : )

Learning is messy!

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One thought on “Photo Shoot

  1. OHMIGOSH — what memories you are creating!!

    What lucky lucky kids — and what a blessed YOU!!

    Can’t wait to hear of the next “messy” adventure.