The Adrenaline Rush Letdown


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One way this conference has been the same as all conferences is the pace. You get to the host city and maybe get a chance to look around a bit before the conference begins and then it does begin and you have to hit your pace. Where do I go? What sessions? Do I know you? Meeting up with people you only know online through your network, and then when you talk F2F with them you have this eerie realization that you know more about what they have been doing lately than some of your friends that live locally to you.

The pace of this conference was heightened for me just because of the sheer number of presentations and unconference sessions I was responsible for (or felt responsible for). And that is not a complaint, it’s just what happened. As I said yesterday, I loved it. Actually it reminds me of my favorite days as a teacher. Rushed, engaged, problem solving and tired at the end but feeling good about the day. As I write this it is donning on me that that is why I’m looking forward to getting back to my classroom for my next hit. My next adrenaline rush. I guess that’s why I’m still a teacher despite the myriad problems and issues and nonsense we are faced with each day – kind of scary in a way, but I mostly still love it even after 27 years.

And now I’m sitting in this comfortable room in the middle of a city of 24 million literally half way around the world from home, waiting to meet up with others to walk its streets – and I miss the pace a bit. That will change quickly as we hit our pace on the streets taking pictures, buying trinkets – memories.

But if you’ve conferenced before – you know what I mean.

Learning is messy!

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2 thoughts on “The Adrenaline Rush Letdown

  1. It is like the mountaintop experience at camp. You sometimes see friends you only see once a year — but you pick up right away. You need sleep — but you want to not waste one moment of talking and getting to know new friends. You laugh loud, you talk much, you TAKE PICTURES!!! (LOL), and you make memories……that will last you a lifetime.

    And then you come home to reality — which has its wonderful moments too. But your step has a little extra bounce to it because you were with “friends!” And you look forward to the next time of seeing them again.

    And your class will be the better — because of what Brian Crosby — the Shanghai touched Brian Crosby will bring back into the classroom.

    Enjoy your day! Safe flight home!! Talk soon!

  2. You captured the essence of my addiction to education! Besides the altruistic desire to make a difference, my own love of the learning process, and the enjoyment of watching kids learn and grow, you described the heady energy of the entire messy process: “Rushed, engaged, problem solving … tired at the end but feeling good about the day.” I suppose every career has its share of tension, excitement, and pressure, but education is always frenetic and multi-layered. It never is the same day to day, and it always opens new opportunities and a variety of perspectives. Sure beats working in a cubicle hidden from other human beings like a mole in a hole! Thanks for your post, and have fun on your trip!