When It Rains It Pours

Just a quick post before I’m off for New York. I’ve been contacted by NBC and they have asked me to stay a few days longer in New York after the New York Times Schools For Tomorrow conference to be part of an on-stage panel talking about “Innovation” in education during their Education Nation Townhall this Sunday. I’ll be on-stage with Brian Williams and others to be named that day.  This year the Townhall is the kickoff to their Education Nation week of focus on education.

Readers of this blog might note a bit of irony here in that I took NBC to task last year for their this same Townhall. Watch this space. : )

Learning is messy!

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4 thoughts on “When It Rains It Pours

  1. Brian, that’s great! I know you’ll be speaking well for me and teachers everywhere. But now I guess this means I’ll have to watch the darned thing 🙂

    Mark – Lots of people I know, including my family, have said the same thing! : )

  2. Mr. Crosby,

    Thank you for your blog posts regarding EducationNation. I am on my second career and currently in my Pre-Service Teacher Education Program. Your post, and the NBC videos from this year, are powerful. They address all the topics we struggle with and discuss in our program. As a cancer survivor myself, I was particularly impressed with how you used technology to create a safe, inclusive, and caring experience for the young student with Lukemia unable to physically come to school.

    I would love to hear how you and your other colleagues are addressing the digital divide. What resources have you found that provide equitable access for all children, especially the ability for children to use technology outside the brick-and-mortar school, when some children may not even have homes?

    Thank you for your service!!