Why You Want A Network … Reason #12

I know this isn’t that big a deal to some out there, but this is still new to most so I’m sharing it here. BECAUSE I have built a network of people with an education focus over time, interesting opportunities arise. Today my students went to music the last 40 minutes of the day – it is one of my 2 preparation periods a week. I was trying to remember someone’s blog address and remembered they had replied to me on Twitter recently so I opened Twitter and found the link to their blog on their Twitter homepage. Then I made a quick comment on Twitter and went about my business. A few minutes later I glanced at Twitter and saw that Allanah King on the other side of the world in New Zealand had seen I was on Twitter and wondered if I was available to Skype for a minute into a presentation she was doing.

I could … so a few minutes later I talked to her group in New Zealand for literally 2 minutes … and then went back to checking email and writing lessons. This is akin to being able to pop your head into the teacher’s classroom next to yours to ask a question or share an idea … well except the classroom could be anywhere in the world … or maybe even on the International Space Station I guess. : ) So start or continue to build your network today!

Learning is messy

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3 thoughts on “Why You Want A Network … Reason #12

  1. Hope you don’t mind but I recorded our conversation and blogged it too. Thanks for helping us connect and show the power of doing what we do with people just beginning to realise the fabulous connections we can make.