Around the World With 80 Schools TV Coverage

NOTE: If you were sent here by the KOLO TV web site – Here is a link to my students’ blogs.

We traveled up north to  Saskatchewan, Canada, today – via Skype, and besides the experience being documented in our blogs and some photos, a local TV station came by and reported about it. We had a great time sharing information with Kimberly Brown’s  class. We began the usual way by traveling there via Google Earth and plunking down right on their roof.

I continue to be impressed lately with how much more articulate my students have become. You’ll note in the video that the students they interviewed are all second language learners, and even though they make a few grammatical errors, their self assuredness with using language comes through. I’ve really strived to make our class language intense and it seems to be paying off. Today is a great example. They had to watch, listen, take notes about what they learned and observed, present  to the other class about our area and state, and then write a blog post about it and do a short research piece about Saskatchewan.  Here’s a link to the news report not sure how long the link will be good btw.

Learning is messy!

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3 thoughts on “Around the World With 80 Schools TV Coverage

  1. Hi there. In my college class we are talking about using technology in the classroom right now and what you are doing is amazing. These are some really great ways of learning. Keep it up.