Send Celest A “Cyber Get Well Card”

Celest has not been feeling well for weeks now. The doctors have changed her chemo and apparently it is not sitting well with her. Thusly we have not had her “join” us via Skype on a very consistent basis lately : (

We decided today to send Celest a kind of “Cyber” get well card – so most of the class managed to post a “feel better” comment to her lone blog post. They think it would be helpful if as many people as possible would also leave comments – so if you can leave her a short “get well” comment and/or a word of encouragement and tell her where you are commenting from It would be appreciated. You can read the comments her classmates left her so far also.

We have been blogging and commenting quite a bit this week also, so check out some of the other students’ posts as well if you have the time.

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