And They’re Still Blogging!

Several of my 4th graders have continued to blog even though school got out a month ago. This may not seem like anything new – we’ve heard teachers mention this before – however I think it is worth noting that most of the blogging that has happened has been from where ever they can get a connection since very few of my students have computers at home. One student blogged while visiting her Dad and then later when she was at her grandfather’s public library in Texas. Their posts have been mostly just keeping track of classmates stuff – but I’m thrilled because these students were not connected when we started and now they know some ways to communicate besides their home phone.

UPDATE 7/7/07: Per request I am adding links here to 2 of the recent posts and comments left by classmates – I think there have been about 10 total since school got out. One thing that is interesting is that in these examples the students involved either moved before the end of the year or are in a newly formed attendance area that is outside our school’s boundary and so the students won’t be coming back (probably). Links here and here.
Learning is messy!

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3 thoughts on “And They’re Still Blogging!

  1. That’s the power of the teacher who uses the tools in appropriate ways! Since you’re going to have these students again next year, I’m sure that has some affect on their wanting to keep in touch as well. From reading your blog this year, it seems like this was an especially successful year for these students and I’m sure they’re just waiting to see what will happen next! Learning is exciting!

  2. That is great Brian! Do you have the links to those student’s blogs? It would be fun to read what they are writing and leave some edifying comments for them. This is a great sign of literacy activities that make a difference…. I don’t see any kids around here in Oklahoma still doing worksheets voluntarily now that summer is here! 😉

  3. OK Wes – I put an update on the post with links to a few comments and 1 post left by students. When I get a chance I’ll try to add more.