Learning Is Messy

“Messy” learning is:
Maybe not being sure where to start or how to start.
Trying and failing and trying again.
Frustration, focus, idea, arguing, agreeing,
experimenting, glue, paint, string, cardboard, scissors,
what else could we use? not quite, better, worse, adjust,
analyze, communicate, synthesize, mistakes, inquiry,
research, that won’t work… or maybe it will,
asking questions, getting answers,
What tools could we use? How can we find out? OUCH!
How can I help? How can we help? WHOOPS!
Let’s try this, How did you do that?
How will we show what we learned?
How much time is left? I can’t do this!
Can’t I work on this alone?
We did it!

What else makes learning messy?

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