No Rest For The Weary!

You’ve probably noted I haven’t posted much lately … I’ve been sick … it’s end of school year syndrome … just too busy. Our last day was Wednesday, but I had to completely box up my room, even though I’m not moving classrooms because the entire school is having asbestos abatement done. All the carpet and floor tile is coming up. The floor tile is the culprit – contains asbestos circa the early 1960’s. We’ve been told for years that as long as the tiles are in one piece we needn’t worry because the asbestos is held in the tile unless the tile starts to flake (We’re all very reassured by this … cough, cough).

We had planned to do one last blog post on the last day, but the gods weren’t with us – cooler than usual weather messed us up because it changed the day’s schedule and just didn’t give us time. We did shoot a little video of our finished animal designs – we had planned to do some interviews about them on tape but that didn’t happen either … best laid plans and all.

I have about 50 projects around the house waiting for me (got most of the vegetable garden in today …  finally) – but I get to go to NECC this year so now I hope to have some time to prep for that … I have to figure out what sessions to go to.

My big news of late is that I got a new MacBook – an administrator in my school district got it for me even though only HP’s are allowed in my district!!! “……because you’ll use it well….” and since it is a district owned computer I can get it tagged and put on the network (shhhh! I just won’t mention what brand it is when I send IT the MAC number). It has an 80 gig hard drive and I really want at least 120 gig – would love 200 gig – but the guy at the Apple Store told me I have to leave it as is or I void the warranty – and since it came with 3 years of AppleCare I don’t want to do that. However, I perused the web some and found several references to others’ having the same thing happen and some say that they have gotten Apple on the phone and were told as long as an Apple certified repair place does it you are OK (the Apple Store guy told me no way you can do it under any circumstances). ANYONE OUT THERE HAVE ACTUAL EXPERIENCE WITH THIS!?

OK, where’s that list of things to do? I’d better get started.

Learning is messy!

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