“She will now”

Each new school year one of the routines is to get signed releases on all my students so that work they do on web pages, wikis, videos, blogs and so on, can be published. This year the releases came back pretty quickly … except for 4 students. Excuses ranged from “I forgot again,” to my mom doesn’t want to sign it. Yesterday we took a tour of our class blog. I had added the names of new students that had signed releases and there was a buzz of excitement from the “newbies.” The “veterans” (returning students from last year), were tour guides and showed the others around. We also checked out a few other schools’ blogs.

As we were getting ready to leave at the end of the day I had to chuckle as one by one the 4 students without releases came to see me about getting another copy of the release. I said to one student who had told me in no uncertain terms earlier in the week that his mom was not going to sign, “I thought you said your mom wouldn’t sign.” “Ummm … she will now,” (smiles that “you caught me” smile), “I think she didn’t understand what we’ll be doing.”
“OK, … great, bring it back when you can.”

Learning is messy!

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