Inclusion Update 4-25-07

I’m afraid this week’s update is not good news. Celest has been sick from her Chemo for weeks and that has developed into an infection that has progressed to the point that she was airlifted to a San Francisco Bay Area Children’s Hospital that specializes in treating leukemia last week. Now we hear that she will probably be there for a month … at least. This is a potentially life threatening infection. She has had this happen before and come out OK. Please keep her in your prayers.

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5 thoughts on “Inclusion Update 4-25-07

  1. Brian,

    I have been following your Inclusion story with two thoughts: 1) what a great use of technology, and 2) Celest and her family. Truthfully, Celest has been in my thoughts most. I will continue to pray for her, you, and your class of students.

    I hate to make comparisons, and maybe the timing is not right, but I have been thinking about this for several weeks. Ryan White put a face on AIDS in our country, and made a profound influence on our society. Early on, his situation was confined to fearful parents and students in his school. I think (and hope) his life made an impact on how the educational community views students in the time of need.

    Celest, to me, may have a similar impact on the educational community. Currently, it seems that technology is a fearful thing in the eyes of parents, teachers, politicians, and other policy makers. Celest’s spirit, your class’s involvement, and your vision could have a valuable impact on future policy.

    As I said, my timing may be wrong here, and I pray only the best for Celest. Her life has inspired me. I think your students may be among the most fortunate in the country to have you as their teacher, and Celest as their classmate.

    God bless,


  2. Ric – I’ve mentioned the same thing – I did actually get a comment from a district admin person in Washington State that our video and use of Skype had changed their mind about Web 2.0 access in their schools. I do know that the video has been downloaded over 50,000 times from our server and over 2,000 times on TeacherTube. I wonder if I should “promote” it again somehow? Some have suggested I put it on YouTube even though it is blocked by my school district (actually the head of edtech for our district suggested that). Anyhow thanks for the good words and encouragement. I want to find out if the hospital Celest is staying in has wireless internet just on the possibility we could connect up with her a few minutes each day. I’ve heard that some hospitals have computers they roll around on carts so that patients can send emails and the like. Worth a look – Thanks again!