Just Passed 30,000 Views and Downloads of “Inclusion” Video

I don’t check my blog statistics very often, but after seeing some recent numbers on downloads of some popular videos – like Karl Fisch’s “Did You Know” (2 million + views) – I looked up the stats on our “Inclusion” video – which is only available on my school’s web site (and there isn’t even a link on our web site yet – barely a web site, more like “a presence” – it just lives on that server – the only link so far is from this blog) – I was amazed to see it had passed 30,000 views and downloads. The last time I looked it was about 18,000. Our district’s ed tech coordinator saw me at the Nevada State Educational Technology Conference and suggested I post it on YouTube – but I don’t really have permission to do that.

I send a release home each year with my students, but the accompanying letter does not include YouTube as a possible place I might post student work. Maybe I need to change my letter. Or maybe … ?

Update 3-24-07: Via Vicki Davis and David WarlickTeacherTube looks like a more apropo venue for our video.

Update #2 – 3-24 – OK I posted “Inclusion” to TeacherTube here is the link.

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